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Too girly for you

August 22, 2011

Although I have a wife and kids at home, I labor under no illusions.  I am very much a woman.  It is true that there was an unfortunate period durning the coming-out years where I tried to rock a butch androgynous look, but honestly, it fooled exactly no-one.  And while I have a penchant for heavy footwear, pants are what happen when a skirt is more than a standard deviation beyond impractical.  So it’s mysterious to me that I’ve been told several times recently by a co-worker that something that she is doing or discussing is “too girly for you”.  Thus, she dismisses whatever she’s doing as a valueless enterprise while simultaneously issuing a challenge; prove your femininity (and thus be united in the sisterhood of the useless) or accept social isolation for gender non-conformity.  I’m certainly aware of the ways in which I’m in the minority (and the ways in which I am not), but for the most part, people just treat me like a person.  Having someone treat me otherwise catches me by surprise.


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