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November 20, 2012

I’ve been varying my morning route into lab.  A few weeks ago, and again today, I walked by a group of building that I now know to be residences because my progress down the sidewalk was halted by a moving truck working to get the angle right to slowly back down a narrow driveway.   The truck was black with the words “EVICTION MOVERS” in huge white letters on the side.  Even without knowing anything about the situation, everything about that picture sucked.  In the few minutes the driver needed to get their approach correct I totally re-calibrated my internal “bad day” scale.  As bad as my day had started (full on refusal to wear pants, missed bus, 20 minutes late to school) and as bad as I thought it probably would be due to an scheduled unpleasant interaction that I had been darkly bracing myself for, I was still someone who never, until that moment, had cause to think about evictions enough to realize that there would be a market for movers specializing in them.  Pow!  Okay.  Thank you, universe.  I got the message.

There’s been a bit of blog silence lately.  My draft box is full, but most of what I’ve been filling it with lately is either too difficult to generalize (not necessarily in a bad way, mind) or veers rather more navel-gazy personal than I’m up to putting out there on the world wide web, knowing full well that anyone that stumbles here that knows me in real life will know exactly who I am.  Despite that seeming omninous, things are actually going pretty well – results, paper drafts, and diseases only of the type that do not involve fevers and therefore do not necessitate days home from school.  Or rather, let’s revise that a bit, I’d have to say that things are great.


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