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I can’t look!

March 26, 2013

On the surface, I’m just going about my business.  And in fact, I’m doing the same.  However, I find I’m highly aware that today and tomorrow the Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments on both Prop 8 and DOMA.  I’m not going to live stream anything, refresh news pages or sign up for any twitter feeds.  I’m working to a deadline right now there is too much to do in the next couple days to allow for such distractions.  Also, like my youngest, I have trouble watching the awkward or scary parts.  Xe will pull a blanket over hir face and bang on the sofa cushions through the suspenseful part of a movie.  I’m holding my hands over my eyes and will peek cautiously once the dust has settled.

eeeeeeeeeeeee!  Tell me when it’s over!

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