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Academic Job Market: Thank you email etiquette

November 14, 2013

While there are a few more positions out there with later deadlines, the bulk of the applications for positions I’m interested in are submitted.  Some search committees are already hard at work.  Earlier this week, within a few minutes of each other, I received two emails.  The first brought my swift-rejection-by-form-letter rate to a full 10%.  The second took the sting out of the first; I had my first phone interview yesterday!

Though a little awkward to converse with four people simultaneously, I enjoyed speaking with the committee.  I’ve heard rumors that sending thank you notes or emails is a thing for campus visit.  But what about for a 20 minute phone interview? We covered a lot of ground and I don’t have anything particularly substantive to say that requires specific follow up right now with any of them.  Anything I can come up with is little more than a fairly transparent excuse to re-drop my contact information into their inbox and perhaps unnecessarily reconfirm my interest.  I’m aiming for respectful, not annoying.

There is no Emily Post for academic job search etiquette.  I therefor appeal to the dezians of the internet with opinions or experience in this matter.  Email thank you notes for a phone interview?  If yes, to whom? All the members of the committee?  Just the chair?  I can’t be the only person with this question.  At least a few of the nine other people this particular committee called probably don’t know either!

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  1. A good lead in might be some point you could strengthen from the interview, e.g. upon thinking about this.. . . and thanks for the interview.

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