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Academic Job Search: Application Due Dates

September 19, 2016

If you’re on the academic market, pace yourself with the understanding that it’s a marathon with sprints thrown in every two weeks or so.  Applications due dates are spread from August through February and cluster on the 1st and 15th of the month.  Here’s what the due dates looked like for the positions I applied for.


My research program could fit nicely in both basic science departments (e.g. chemistry, where there there is hard salary and significant teaching) as well as medical schools and research institutes (with soft salaries and minimal teaching).  My applications and eventual interviews were split evenly between the two.  Application deadlines for basic science programs were on average about two weeks earlier than medical schools, but the difference wasn’t significant (p=0.22).  However, a pal applying during the same season who was more biomedically oriented seemed to hit peak application submission in mid-December, rather than November, so YMMV.


On average, I managed to submit applications 1.5 days before the deadline, but many went in the day they were due.


This is what applying looked like for me.  In the next post I’ll share some results.


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