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Academic Job Search: It ends as the next season begins.

October 3, 2016

How long could it possibly take?   Total delay from application to interview:
Range: 26 to 176 days
Average: 66 (+/- 43) days
Median: 49.


Over half of the time, I was home from the interview 7 weeks after the application date, though there was that one interview that happened half a year after the application went in.

How long could it possibly take?  From start of the application season to last interview:
Application range: August to March.
Interview range: November to April


I had gone on half of my campus visits before January.  You may want to compare this figure to the figure of application due dates as you consider your pacing.

The process was both blindly fast and painfully slow and took an entire year.  I submitted my first application of the season on August 31st, finished up my last interview the first week of April and then went through second visits and negotiations.  I started my new position almost exactly a year after I sent in that first application.

All this talk of invitation and interviews is very exciting, but not at all representative of what academics is all about.  In the next post, I’ll look at the epic amount of rejection that this process entails.

Sample preparation and data collection in Materials and Methods.


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